Events Chair

YNPN Triangle NC
Events Committee Chair Position Description

Responsible To
Board of Directors (Chair)

The Chair of the Events Committee supports the YNPN Triangle NC’s strategic plan by creating programming that elevates and enhances the talent and leadership of Triangle young nonprofit professionals and fosters a culture of active engagement and inclusivity. The Events Committee Chair:

  • Delegates tasks to Committee members and ensures their timely completion

  • Reports on the activities and accomplishments of the Events Committee at full board meetings and/or through monthly committee reports or action plans

  • Coordinates, organizes and executes professional development opportunities based on information shared by Membership Relations Chair on what members need and want. This may include, but is not limited to, Lunch and Learns; Book or Article Clubs; and more.

  • Collect attendance for all events

  • Send final report to Membership Relations Chairs for follow-up after each event

  • Develop contact list for events (locations, Professional Development presenters, theme ideas) for Google Drive

  • Plan events (generally 2-3 per month): This includes selecting a geographic location (ensuring rotation around the Triangle), securing a space, planning a theme, writing the event information and sending it to so members.

  • Convene monthly meetings of the Events Committee to determine upcoming event details; identify and communicate with necessary speakers, guests, and event venues; management technology and other needs for events (name tags, sign-in sheets, signs, supplies, etc.); and implement and analyze event evaluations from members and participants. Ensures overarching events are created under the overarching theme of inclusivity and creating a positive, welcome space in accessible locations and times.

  • Communicates finalized event details to the Communications and Membership Relations Committees within an agreed-upon and adequate time frame for effective promotion.

  • Serves the organization as a resource on sector-shaping programming and event trends, issues, and strategies that provide innovative thought leadership

  • Supports the fiscal sustainability of YNPN Triangle NC by engaging in any necessary budgeting process

  • Coordinates efforts with other YNPN Triangle NC Committees to ensure all Committees are working cooperatively and effectively toward achieving YNPn Triangle NC’s missio

  • Attend events: This includes arriving early to set-up, printing the attendee list, bringing name tags and YNPN Triangle NC swag, leading any ice-breakers planned for event, and taking pictures/tweeting from YNPN Triangle NC social media accounts (or delegating someone else to do so, possibly from the Communications Committee).

  • Maintain updated documentation on event spaces and contacts.

  • Support the broader YNPN strategic goals, mission, and vision


  • Ability to communicate clearly and effectively

  • Knowledge of meeting management

  • Creativity

  • Attentive to detail

  • Strong leadership skills

  • Interpersonal and motivational skills

  • Willing and able to take risks

Time Commitment
10 – 20 hours per month, two-year term

Self and by the board, annually



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