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    Keynote Speaker 2019

    Keynote Speaker


    Zainab Baloch (ZB)

    We're excited to announce that our 2019 keynote speaker will be Zainab Baloch, a former and future Raleigh City Council Candidate who disrupted the local political system by garnering an historically unprecedented number of voters in only two months in 2017. She is the founder of YAP! which provides local avenues for young people to bear witness to policy decisions and boldly pursue accountability through voting and outspoken, unapologetic action through technology.

    She works for Even, a startup whose mission is to the end the paycheck to paycheck cycle which goes hand in hand with her work with the Poor People’s Campaign (PPC) where she engages millennials nationally to join the movement. She is part of a documentary with the PPC about Youth Activism in the movement and was featured America Inside Out, a National Geographic Documentary with Katie Couric. She wants to empower others especially young people, people of color, and woman to not be afraid of disrupting the system to bring about positive change.


    You can keep up with all her initiatives on Instagram:

    @Zainab4Raleigh + @YoungAmericansProtest

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    How Lame are Rejection Letters?

    Dear Young Nonprofit Professional,

    How lame are rejection letters?

    How many cordial emails have once-prospective employers sent you about your strong credentials, but an even stronger applicant pool? How many thin envelopes did colleges send you about their record numbers of applicants, assuring you that your skills would lead to a bright future—elsewhere?

    This isn’t one of those letters. Congratulations! YNPN welcomes you to its extended network of members!

    If you work for a nonprofit, if you want to bring your private-sector savvy to the nonprofit industry, or if you’re looking for the perfect job, then simply subscribe to our listserv or attend one of our upcoming events to get involved!

    There’s no doubt that other organizations have to be choosy about their members. If your alma mater accepted everyone, you never would have gotten football tickets.* And if your nonprofit had hired everyone, your desk would be even smaller.

    While your college and employer thrived on selectiveness, let your professional association thrive on collectiveness.

    Know that when you come to a YNPN Triangle NC event, you’re accessing an extended network, endless resources, and professional development opportunities.

    Know that you will meet colleagues from across the Triangle at events and in the Triad and beyond online.

    Know that you can hear local industry leaders at brown bag lunches, share ideas at coffee talks, and swap resources on our resource page.

    Know that you’re a member. We hope you’ll get in touch with us to tell us what we can do for you, or what you would like to do for us. Find us @YNPNTriangleNC on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or get back to us in the comments.


    YNPN Triangle NC

    PS-*For y’all who went to small schools, a cappella concerts?