Keynote Speaker 2019

Keynote Speaker


Zainab Baloch (ZB)

We're excited to announce that our 2019 keynote speaker will be Zainab Baloch, a former and future Raleigh City Council Candidate who disrupted the local political system by garnering an historically unprecedented number of voters in only two months in 2017. She is the founder of YAP! which provides local avenues for young people to bear witness to policy decisions and boldly pursue accountability through voting and outspoken, unapologetic action through technology.

She works for Even, a startup whose mission is to the end the paycheck to paycheck cycle which goes hand in hand with her work with the Poor People’s Campaign (PPC) where she engages millennials nationally to join the movement. She is part of a documentary with the PPC about Youth Activism in the movement and was featured America Inside Out, a National Geographic Documentary with Katie Couric. She wants to empower others especially young people, people of color, and woman to not be afraid of disrupting the system to bring about positive change.


Quick Takes With ZB 

We just couldn't wait until May 17th to hear from ZB. Check out our micro-interview on all things fulfilling and fun.

What keeps you motivated to fight the good fight on the tough days? I know the tough days are a given and the biggest change I've made is making time for self-care before that happens, so I have the energy to get back up and keep going. When it gets too much, I have amazing people around me that inspire me to remember it's a marathon, not a sprint. Also, one of my favorite quotes from my favorite artist (J.Cole) - "If you truly believe it, that's step one. Step two, is, you know, the hard work that goes along with it."

Who has inspired you the most over your career in activism? Reverend Barber and AOC.

What are you binge watching right now? Good Girls & The Patriot Act (so good)

What are 3 adjectives that your best friend would use to describe you? I asked her and she said courageous, bad-ass, and charismatic. <3

What is your favorite thing to do on a beautiful Triangle Spring weekend? I'm a sucker for the Laurel Hills playground on spring evenings and just tying up a hammock somewhere to read a book.

What do people get wrong about Millennials? Everything. The biggest thing would be that we're lazy. Millennials work hard, are more socially conscious and have a lot more expenses than any other generation before us. We have it hard, but we're doing the best with what we were handed from past generations.


You can keep up with all her initiatives on Instagram:

@Zainab4Raleigh + @YoungAmericansProtest

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