Resilient purpose & passion seeker. This personal challenge also allows me to support others that are on the same path

YNPN Triangle NC's mission (and actual work) is very much aligned with my personal and professional mission and goals.

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    Resource Roundtable on Effective Communications

    Join YNPN for our last Resource Roundtables of the year! Focused on Effective Communications, this structure networking session offers the chance to share and gain tips on skills for presentations, interviews, relationship management, and more. 


    Thank you to the incredible Triangle Community Foundation for sponsoring our 2020 Resource Roundtable events. We love TCF’s vision to create a stronger Triangle for all, and this partnership helps us do just that. With this sponsorship, we are able to provide opportunities for young nonprofits to share essential skills and resources and take back what they have learned to their organizations and communities. This would not be possible without their support.

    November 17, 2020 at 12pm
    Zoom Meetings
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I pursue social and environmental transformation. By working in the private (logistics+CSR), public (Argentine Foreign Service), multilateral (IDB and UN) and social (nonprofits and social businesses) sectors, I have built strong management and capacity b