Arlene Brown

  • commented on Digital Resource Roundtable 2019-08-05 21:13:18 -0400
    This was such a great event. It would be nice to have a follow up..sort of a lessons learned or where are they now perspective from those who attended.
  • commented on Tips for Facilitating a Meeting 2019-08-05 21:11:45 -0400
    These are pretty good tips. I think it’s especially important to read the room, so thanks for lifting that detail up.
  • commented on Volunteer Engagement: A challenge for the new year! 2019-05-19 18:41:33 -0400
    Hope you all enjoyed our Chronicles of a serial volunteer! Ep.1 Volunteer Engagement discussion at the #NonprofitSTRONG summit. I appreciate all the “serial volunteers” out there and I want you all to know you are #killingit!
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Relatable professional with a passion for ensuring others are seen, heard, valued and understood. With an affinity for strategic planning, training and community engagement, I am truly the sum of all my work experiences.