Bringing Us All Together: Reflections on YNPN Triangle NC’s 2018 #NonprofitSTRONG Summit

Lindsey Lassiter is a YNPN Triangle NC volunteer on the Marketing & Communications Committee.

On Friday, May 18, YNPN Triangle NC hosted our fourth annual #NonprofitSTRONG Summit. Just over 200 nonprofit professionals from around the region participated in a full day of networking and professional development. At its heart, #NonprofitSTRONG was really about raising up voices, growing our nonprofit community, and supporting each other.

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5 Reasons You Should Go to YNPN National Conference & Leaders Institute

YNPN Triangle is one of 42 Chapters across the country dedicated to empowering emerging leaders by connecting them to people, resources, and ideas. Every year, we come together for the national conference and it’s an amazing experience. Here are 5 Reasons You Should Go to YNPN National Conference:

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Conference Aims to Develop Next Generation of Nonprofit Leaders in North Carolina

Jesica Averhart of Leadership Triangle to speak at #NonprofitSTRONG Summit

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Tips for Making the Most of Attending a Conference: Part 2

Lindsey Lassiter is a YNPN Triangle NC volunteer on the Marketing & Communications Committee.

In a follow-up to our last blog on preparing for a conference like #NonprofitSTRONG, we want to offer some next-level advice. A big part of setting goals and socializing is to have a plan for meeting the people who inspire you most. A great conversation with a fellow professional or thought leader can give you energy and drive for the whole day.

Below we outline how to make sure you meet those key people, and how to turn those interactions into long-term professional contacts.

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Tips for Making the Most of Attending a Conference: Part 1

Lindsey Lassiter is a YNPN Triangle NC volunteer on the Marketing & Communications Committee.

Conference season is upon us! The YNPN Team is hard at work finalizing preparations for the #NonprofitSTRONG Summit in Raleigh on Friday, May 18. We thought it would be worthwhile to highlight some tips for making the most of attending a conference. Whether you’re flying solo, with a team, are new to the conference space, or an old pro, read on for a shortlist of things to keep in mind.

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YNPN Triangle NC announces partnership with ReCity Network

ReCity Network, Young Nonprofit Professionals Network of the Triangle Announce Strategic Partnership

Social impact hub, industry group join forces to help nonprofit leaders thrive

September 19, 2017 (DURHAM, NC) ReCity Network and Young Nonprofit Professionals Network of the Triangle are proud to announce a new strategic partnership to impact Triangle-area nonprofit leaders and the constituents they serve.

A social impact hub for a growing roster of nonprofits, faith-based organizations, and mission-driven businesses, ReCity is now partnering with YNPN, a nonprofit leadership organization, to help ensure the nonprofit sector will have the resources it needs to address critical, persistent social issues and build a stronger, more equitable Triangle community for all.

Moving forward, ReCity Network will begin hosting YNPN Triangle professional development events at its 12,000-square-foot coworking, meeting, and event space located near the intersection of Broadway and Mangum Streets in downtown Durham.

YNPN’s free events are designed for emerging leaders to gain the skills and knowledge necessary for their success in a nonprofit career, covering topics like impact metrics and strong governance. Additionally, these events provide networking opportunities for attendees to build relationships with other social sector leaders, as both YNPN Triangle NC and ReCity Network understand that these types of connections are vital to building a more powerful, cohesive nonprofit sector.

YNPN events at ReCity Network will also be an opportunity for the organization’s members to learn about opportunities to become a part of the ReCity and its broader set of resource offerings, including work space and professional services, including legal and marketing.

“It’s always good when you can find other organizations that are perfectly aligned to your own vision and work with them to make a greater impact, “ said Rob Shields, founding Executive Director of ReCity Network. “That’s the whole premise of ReCity Network—bringing together people of purpose to solve problems for our people more efficiently and effectively. We are proud to bring YNPN’s leadership-building resources to our network and share our space and community with them.”

“ReCity Network’s work to bring nonprofits under one roof and create an inclusive, physical space for collaboration is the type of innovation our sector needs,” said Katie Todd, chair of the YNPN Triangle NC board of directors. “Our members recognize the urgency in each of their individual organizations. To be able to come to a space like ReCity and be surrounded by thoughtful leaders to learn from and work with each day can only help all of our organizations achieve their missions sooner.”

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#ynpn17 National Conference Recap

YNPN Triangle NC Board members, having a blast at this years #ynpn17 conference!


Katie Todd is the current chair of the YNPN Triangle NC Board of Directors.

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We Bend the Arc


Lindsay Humbert is a member of YNPN Triangle NC's Marketing & Communications Committee


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So, you want to run an effective meeting?

Let’s face it: hearing the word “meeting” can be cringe-inducing. We’ve all experienced bad, pointless meetings.

Yesterday YNPN Triangle NC members met over coffee to air out our meeting grievances and talk about how we can make them better. Whether you are the facilitator or a participant, we all have a role to play to ensure these interactions foster real actions that move our organizations closer to achieving our mission and provide an inclusive space for feedback, collaboration, and evaluation. Our members generated a few tips to get us started.

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What do pirates say? AARRR

Pirate metrics for nonprofits

Content sponsored by Vokol by Pathos Ethos, the creators of our 2017 #NonprofitSTRONG Summit app.

At Vokol, we think the world would be a better place if for-profits acted a bit more like nonprofits and if nonprofits acted a bit more like for-profits. We learned so much from the YNPN Triangle NC #NonprofitSTRONG Summit that we want to share with you a practice that we use in prospecting efforts that can be applied to your fundraising + programming efforts.

What do pirates say? Exactly: AARRR. This stands for Acquisition, Activation, Revenue, Retention and Referral. The name of the game is moving your “customers” (the people offering you funds and time - so donors, volunteers, members in nonprofit speak). effectively through these different stages.

Stage   What we call people in this stage
Acquisition An individual or organization interested in what you are providing Lead
Activation That lead commits to taking the relationship to the next level Client
Revenue The client provides some form of capital (partnership, funding, time) Paid!
Retention The client is delighted with service and is happy to provide capital again Repeat Client
Referral The client is so enamored with services they generate new leads Missionary
  1. Make your own name for each of these buckets including what you call individuals/organizations in each of these steps.
  2. Place all of your “customers” in one of these buckets. Some customers don’t fit? Then your buckets are not sufficiently defined. We do this on a big wall with painters tape and sticky notes!
  3. How long does each stage take? How many leads turn into missionaries? You can play around with quantitative data now that you have all your customers listed.
  4. Make this process YOURS! We have added buckets and various paths through our process to most accurately plot our customer journey. This also helps us identify new customer segments that may all exit the flow at a similar point but still have needs we can provide for them if we tweak our offerings slightly.


You can now track how long it takes to grow a lead into a missionary and how many people “fall-off” from one stage to the other or how many get stuck between the phases. Your “customer” insights in each stage are almost in your fingertips. You only have to sit down and organize the data you already have. You will benefit from deep diving yourself into each of these stages of the the process for your nonprofit. There are slight nuances for each organization (nonprofit and for-profit alike).

This practice will benefit your programming and development measures in two major ways. First, identifying and qualifying the boundaries of each phase will guide your storytelling and programmatic offerings. Where is the bottleneck? Spend your communications and programmatic efforts focused on moving the bottleneck to the next section. At Vokol, we are able to send relevant content to folks in a specific bucket segmenting our our various buckets. For example, a festival organizer who has never had an app and is unsure about the cost gets a different message than someone who has had a competitor’s app before and are considering switching to Vokol. Bottom line, we can provide targeted messaging that speaks to their segmented concerns because the buckets are clearly identified and defined.

Secondly, you will be able to more accurately forecast donor engagement including how much they are willing to give and what cycle the giving occurs (weekly, monthly, annually). Vokol is owned by a boutique digital and engagement strategy consultancy in Durham, Pathos Ethos. When we grew Vokol, we used this practice to forecast our customer pipeline and revenue. We love sharing these types of exercises with nonprofits and social impact organizations. As a thank you for welcoming us at the #NonprofitSTRONG Summit, we want to extend a free two hour nonprofit engagement strategy session to everyone who attended the YNPN Triangle NC conference. Contact Jacob at Vokol ( if interested.