Your favorite resources from #NonprofitSTRONG

Images from UnSplash designed in CanvaWe all have our own favorite tools and resources. Here are five that attendees of #NonprofitSTRONG 2016 wanted to make sure you knew about.

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Your Graduate School Personal Statement: 4 Tips for Success

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Applying to graduate school, like applying for a job, requires a personal statement—but don’t confuse it with a résumé. Although they contain similar information, a résumé tends to fragment your experiences into constituent parts. A personal statement, on the other hand, should synthesize those parts and form a compelling, future-oriented story that connects your background and aspirations to your pursuit of a graduate degree. This is why MPA@UNC refers to the document as a statement of purpose and asks the question: “Why do you want to earn an MPA from UNC-Chapel Hill?” Your statement must be about you, and it must also demonstrate clarity of purpose. The goal of a personal statement is to present yourself as a unique and qualified individual, who has thoughtfully considered a public service career, supported by research and self-assessment, to establish that the program is the most fitting route to pursue.

With this goal in mind, here are four tips for making your statement more personal and purposeful.

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Financial Management for Nonprofit Organizations


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You might wonder why knowing accounting can lead to nonprofit sustainability. Without a clear understanding of basic accounting, your nonprofit may struggle to achieve its financial goals and fulfill its mission.

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10 things to expect at #NonprofitSTRONG

Twice as many nonprofit professionals like you.

#NonprofitSTRONG is twice the size of last year’s summit. That’s twice as many folks to network with, learn from, and be inspired by!


One-on-One resume + cover letter reviews.

Need to brush up your resume and cover letter? We’ve got just the session for you. We’ll have one-on-one resume and cover letter review sessions with seasoned nonprofit professionals.


Facilitated networking.

Hate talking to strangers but know you need to build your network? We’ve got you covered. We’ll be facilitating networking throughout the summit, helping you expand your professional contacts without breaking a sweat.


Learn how to negotiate a raise.

One of the many sessions we’ll have will be a deep dive into negotiating for your next raise. We know this is a popular subject for many of our members, so make sure you’re there!


One-on-One media training.

Not sure how to talk to the press? Uncomfortable in front of the camera? Then our media training is for you! You’ll be with a seasoned media professional working one-on-one learning how to talk to the press and pitch a story.


An amazing keynote speaker.

Atrayus Goode is an award-winning mentor, motivational speaker, public servant, President & Chief Executive Officer at Movement of Youth, and this year's #NonprofitSTRONG keynote speaker.


Lots of sessions on leadership and growth.

Looking to take that next step? We’re right there with you. We’ll be talking leadership development, professional growth, and much more in many of our sessions. Come ready to soak up the knowledge!


An executive panel of respected leaders.

Looking to learn from some of the most well respected and experienced heads of nonprofits in the triangle? We have a panel for you. This is one you won’t want to miss.


A rocking after party.

Don’t forget to cooldown now that you’re #NonprofitSTRONG. Join us (RSVP here!) for the after party of the year.


An amazing day with wonderful people.

YNPN is a family and we’re glad you’re here. #NonprofitSTRONG is as much about forging friendships as it is about strengthening your career. Join us and make yourself at home.

Take 5: Perspectives on Overcoming Your Hurdles

What hurdle are you facing? What's standing in the way of your goals?

Five of our members sound off on that and more in this week’s take five:

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Open Letter to YNPN Members

From Katie Todd, Chair of the YNPN Triangle NC Board of Directors

Greetings to my fellow nonprofiteers and change agents:

 You may know a lot about the organization known as the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network (YNPN for short) or not a whole lot. You may have attended several of our Triangle chapter’s events or this may your first foray into what we have to offer.

I’m glad you’re here.

Whether you work in, volunteer for, or give to the nonprofit sector, you have a general understanding of why these organizations exist. These groups are providing services – from education, to healthcare, to animal welfare – that help people and our communities not only survive but thrive. That’s not an easy task. The hours can be long. The pay can be little. And the daily interaction with stories of struggle, injustice, and unfairness can be draining.

I don’t want to scare you off from being engaged with nonprofits. In fact, now, more than ever, we need thoughtful, bold emerging leaders to take the helm. Here in the Triangle, our challenges are great – unequal access to resources; reduced funding to help folks meet basic needs; and the tension between short-term payoff and long-term investment in building healthy, sustainable communities.

But, being a bold leader can feel daunting if you don’t have a support system behind you.

This is why YNPN Triangle NC exists. We want to help you create that network of people and resources that will allow you to be a change agent for good. We talk about getting #NonprofitSTRONG at our annual conference, and in order to do that, you need the right tools, knowledge, and confidence. Whether you have been in the nonprofit field for 10+ years or you are considering joining the fray, we want to equip you with what you need in order to make the Triangle a more inclusive and equitable region for everyone.

We get it – being a leader isn’t easy. And, it’s not always clear what leadership looks like. We don’t believe that leadership is defined by a position within an organization. Leadership is an action. Here in the Triangle, we need more emerging leaders to bring their creative solutions to the table. To help motivate you to take that leap of faith, we want you to feel connected to others in the sector and give you space to build relationships, glean insights, and have that moment where you say – “It’s not just me who faces this hurdle!”

Five years ago, I was new to the Triangle region and felt a tad lost as I worked in a nonprofit where I could count the number of “young” people on one hand. I no longer had those connections from school or from home to rely on for advice and friendship. Then, I stumbled upon YNPN Triangle NC and attended an evening networking social. At the now departed City Beverage in Durham, I connected with others who worked in fields vastly different from my own but felt the same call to serve and the same frustrations. Over the years, I have deepened by roots into the chapter as I continue to listen and learn from other members while also growing professionally by joining the Board of Directors.

As I begin my second year as the Chairperson, I am blown away by what this organization looks like now compared to when I first joined. With more than 1,500 members and hosting nearly three dozen events each year, the chapter only gets hungrier to do more outreach, connect more people, and support more leaders in the Triangle.

Our work is just beginning. Will you be a part of it with us this year? There’s never been a better time to be bold or to find another ally, mentor, or friend. I look forward to seeing you in 2016 and feeling the ripple effects that you and all of our sector’s emerging leaders can have on the Triange’s present and future.


Katie Todd
Chair, Board of Directors, YNPN Triangle NC

The Experience Catch-22

By Libby Richards, Senior Community Programs Officer at Triangle Community Foundation and YNPN Triangle NC Board Member


Nonprofit professionals who are new (or newer) to the field often tell me about a frustrating predicament that I remember too well: they don’t have the experience to participate in experiences that would help them become more experienced. Ugh. Often new or younger staff members aren’t given the opportunity to take the lead on projects or are passed over for opportunities like participating in an important strategic meeting or an inspirational conference, because they don’t have the years of on-the- job-training that a manager or director may have.

How can organizations and funders help young professionals escape this catch-22?  

Investing in professional development opportunities for all staff, in particular those who are new to the field or the job, is a start! A relatively small investment (with little to no risk) can have a great return. Organizations can build their leadership pipeline by providing the time and funding for staff to watch webinars, attend conferences, or participate in leadership development programs. Individuals can learn tips and best practices, build their network, feel valued, participate in brainstorming and strategy, and build their experience.

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