Bringing Us All Together: Reflections on YNPN Triangle NC’s 2018 #NonprofitSTRONG Summit

Lindsey Lassiter is a YNPN Triangle NC volunteer on the Marketing & Communications Committee.

On Friday, May 18, YNPN Triangle NC hosted our fourth annual #NonprofitSTRONG Summit. Just over 200 nonprofit professionals from around the region participated in a full day of networking and professional development. At its heart, #NonprofitSTRONG was really about raising up voices, growing our nonprofit community, and supporting each other.

This month, the YNPN team is happy to share one of those voices.

Libby Richards is a Senior Community Programs Officer with the Triangle Community Foundation. In addition to facilitating a terrific session on the YNPN Competency Model, she was also able to attend the wide variety of presentations available throughout the day:

“I heard about YNPN five years ago when I was looking for some resources to connect with other young nonprofit professionals. This is my fourth #NonprofitSTRONG Summit. I'm glad to be here to do more networking, [and] hear from some really fabulous presenters.

I think this is one of the most beneficial experiences that a young nonprofit professional can have throughout the year - it's an inexpensive way to have some really in-depth professional development that is unique and unlike what you see at other conferences.

YNPN is a great resource for folks who are in the nonprofit sector. I think it is important for the nonprofit sector in the Triangle to focus on leadership development especially for those who might be new to their field or new to their organization.”

YNPN Triangle NC strives to create a nonprofit sector that is equitable, accessible, and stronger for everyone. We start by supporting the individuals working in and leading Triangle-area nonprofits. At the #NonprofitSTRONG Summit, nonprofit professionals like Libby were able to build individual skills such as asking for a raise and learn leadership strategies for those who aren’t in a formal position of authority. Summit organizers were intentional about recruiting applications from a wide community to ensure presentations covered a variety of relevant topics and voices. The sessions provided in last month’s Summit included everything from avoiding common technology pitfalls to decentering white dominant culture in the workplace. We’re thankful to everyone who joined us at #NonprofitSTRONG this year to develop new skills, connect with fellow nonprofit professionals, and engage in an important conversation on equity, diversity, and inclusion.

As leaders in the nonprofit sector, you are an integral part of YNPN Triangle NC’s community, and we hope you join us again for our upcoming events. If you have ideas for future events or Summit programming, please reach out to us!

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