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    Arlene, I totally agree! YNPN is planning another resource roundtable this September—keep your eye out, we hope to see you there.
  • posted about YNPN Triangle NC 2016 membership campaign on Facebook 2016-10-07 08:41:51 -0400
    This network helped me land my current job-- check out YNPN for a PLETHORA of great non-profit things =)

    We've got big plans for equipping emerging leaders for 2017. Join us:

    $515.00 raised
    GOAL: $1,000.00

    We know that many of our members wear more hats than they can count. We know that too many students are afraid to join the nonprofit sector because of the perceived low pay and high demand. And we know that emerging leaders in the Triangle are hungry for change. 

    At YNPN Triangle NC, we're ready to these challenges head on - with you and for you. Our 2017 programming will focus on what tools, skills, and knowledge leaders like you need in order to transform our nonprofit sector. We cannot afford to stop learning and growing. Whether it's been years since you've been in a classroom or it is part of your daily routine, YNPN Triangle NC invites you to invest in our big plans we have for you in 2017.

    What will your campaign contributions go towards? Here is what we're working on:

    • Securing experts in leadership, racial equity, communications, fundraising, and general nonprofit professionalism to offer more in-depth workshops for 2017
    • Offering scholarships and/or discounts to other conferences, professional development opportunities, and trainings for our ¬†members
    • Providing additional resources at events, from those resources that satiate the mind (i.e. books, subscription services) to those that satiate the belly (snacks)
    • Establishing a more robust mentorship program for professionals from of all levels of experience
    • Conducting more outreach on campuses and in our communities in order to encourage more emerging leaders to join our nonprofit sector

    Our ears are always open for your ideas! Send us a note at [email protected] Thank you for your support and for working tirelessly in order to ensure our community becomes stronger, more resilient, and more equitable!


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