Governance Chair

Below is a description of the responsibilities of the Governance Chair on the board of directors for YNPN Triangle NC. Applications to join the board are now open. Learn more and apply here.

Responsible To
Board of Directors (Chair)

The Governance Chair supports the YNPN Triangle NC strategic plan by providing leadership in the area of organizational governance and transparency, policies, procedures, and decision processes for YNPN Triangle NC. The Governance Chair:

  • Sits on the Executive Committee
  • Works with Board of Directors to determine organization’s goals and works with the Governance Committee to implement action steps to achieve said goals
  • Serves as a resource on governance and incorporation trends for the organization
  • Heads board recruitment and election procedures
  • Oversees the Board election process
  • Drafts and vets governance policies and procedures
  • Engages in long-term and strategic planning processes with the Executive Committee as needed
  • Supports internal evaluation of YNPN Triangle NC practices, included but not limited to: meeting efficiency, internal board development, organization culture
  • Delegates tasks to Committee members and ensures their timely completion
  • Reports on the activities and accomplishments of the Governance Committee at full board meetings and/or through monthly committee reports or action plans


  • Ability to communicate clearly and effectively
  • Strong planning skills and experience
  • Knowledge of management best practices
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Interpersonal and motivational skills
  • Excellent written communication abilities

Time Commitment
10 - 15 hours per month, annually

Self and by the board, annually