We Bend the Arc


Lindsay Humbert is a member of YNPN Triangle NC's Marketing & Communications Committee


“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.” 
– Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

We are young nonprofit professionals. We are emerging leaders. We are YNPN.

We are human beings who care about others. For a living. And we’re just getting started.

We are dreamers, and problem solvers, and planners, and collaborators, and organizers, and communicators, and other duties as assigned.

And we are here because we choose to be.

Not for the money, or the fame, or the glory. And certainly not because it’s easy. We are here because there is something about the world as it exists today, that we want to see changed for tomorrow.

Mission-driven work means believing in a better version of our community, and striving every day to make it a reality. Our country needs that skill now, en masse force. We can lead them.

We know how because every morning when we arrive at work, we walk right up to the moral universe, finish our second cup of coffee, and push. Every day we endeavor to make it bend just a little more. Just a smidge closer to justice. Or equality. Or empowerment. Or quality education for every child. Or clean air. Or food security. Or a loving home for every pet.

All alone, scrolling through headlines, everything feels so daunting. Where to look. Where to begin. Surely I’m not very strong, and what resistance I have to offer cannot bend the arc in any significant way.

But there are many of us. Many of us here in the Triangle. Many of us at YNPN chapters across the country. And many more who want to help. (We love volunteers.)

We can grab our nametags, line up side-by-side, and push…until the moral universe bends just a little more towards justice. That is why we come together. For conferences. For coffee meetings. For networking happy hours.

YNPN brings us together to share ideas, inspiration, and best practices. To push ourselves out of our comfort zones. To become the strong leaders and change-makers the world needs us to be.

YNPN brings us together. And together we bend the arc.


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