Why I joined the YNPN Triangle NC Board

I joined the YNPN Triangle Board of Directors in December 2015. I joined for a lot of the reasons people join boards. See a pretty great list here or here.

Selfishly​,​ volunteer opportunities are a space to build on your strengths, when you may or may not have the opportunity to do so in your current work environment. Professional development isn't always done in a training, a grad program, or at a conference. I grow by doing and ​my first nine months as a board director have been ​full of incredible experience​s​.

Unselfishly, the most significant reason which influenced my decision to join YNPN Triangle is the very cliched - I wanted to connect and significantly give back to the nonprofit community.

As a young professional myself, my modest donations to my favorite local nonprofits aren't going to make any significant impact. But devoting my time and talents every week through board service, alongside a working board full of people who passionately support th e nonprofit sector and the young professionals finding their way, has a huge impact for our community.

I didn't realize how energizing I would find the experience. I am truly a better person, employee, and leader because of the relationships I've made, the many opportunities to step-up and do, and my time spent with an outward focus on our members who want to connect and give back in their profession, everyday.

YNPN Triangle is where 'my people' are y'all.
I invite you to join us for an event, a program, or apply for a seat at the table with us.
Please reach out if you have questions.

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  • Arlene Brown
    commented 2019-08-05 21:27:17 -0400
    I really appreciate you sharing your story and glad to be part of the YNPN family.
  • Sophie McMillian
    commented 2016-09-17 14:41:47 -0400
    It’s where “my people” are too. Glad you joined us!