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    Saturday, July 20, 2019 at 05:00 PM · 18 rsvps
    Box Raleigh in Raleigh , NC

    An Evening at Boxcar Raleigh

    Networking isn’t always easy but with over 100 arcade games to choose from, from Pac Man to Pin Ball, everyone can find something to enjoy and connect. Jump into all this fun at our upcoming Boxcar event on July 20th from 5-7pm.

    We are offering the first 30 attendees the choice between a free drink or a $5 token cup!

    Saturday, July 27, 2019 at 08:00 AM · 2 rsvps

    YNPN Volunteer Opportunity with Habitat for Humanities of Wake County


    Want to connect more with your nonprofit peers? Enjoy giving back to your community? Why not do both?! Join us July 27th as we dedicate our Saturday to working together with Habitat for Humanity of Wake County to build safe and affordable homes in our local Crosstowne community in Southeast Raleigh. To complete your reservation, please go to the Habitat for Humanities volunteer page. We have 15 spots available! 


    Click the link below to reserve on Habitat for Humanities volunteer page: 



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    Stronger Financial Management Means Stronger Stewardship for Nonprofit Organizations

    By Jim Norton, Senior Technology Consultant at Dean Dorton “It’s not that hard.” “It’s not so different from any other kind of accounting.” “I’ve never worked in a nonprofit, but I have 20 years of accounting experience, so how hard can it be?” Having dedicated much of my professional life and passion to specializing in the nonprofit space, these attitudes were prevalent in more than a few cases. Each time is as frustrating as the next. Accounting and Finance leaders in nonprofit organizations face these comments and attitudes every day from all different stakeholders. I’m here to remind you of something important: you are not crazy. The financial requirements of a nonprofit organization have arguably never been more complex than they are today, and the future of the industry is only headed toward increasingly rigorous and granular reporting requirements. Already, FASB issued Accounting Standards Update 2016-14, 2018-08, and ASC 606. Surprise – all these standards can and probably DO impact your nonprofit organization!
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    Quick Takes with ZB, 2019 Summit Keynote

    We just couldn't wait until May 17th to hear from ZB. Check out our micro-interview on all things fulfilling and fun. What keeps you motivated to fight the good fight on the tough days? I know the tough days are a given and the biggest change I've made is making time for self-care before that happens, so I have the energy to get back up and keep going. When it gets too much, I have amazing people around me that inspire me to remember it's a marathon, not a sprint. Also, one of my favorite quotes from my favorite artist (J.Cole) - "If you truly believe it, that's step one. Step two, is, you know, the hard work that goes along with it."  
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