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    Tuesday, June 09, 2020 at 12:00 PM · 11 rsvps
    Zoom Meeting

    Selfcare: Going “underneath the hood” to understand ourselves better and navigate with ease


    Please join us for an experiential webinar to dive deeper into navigating our personalities and behaviors through the practice of self-care! 


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    In the Nonprofit sector, too many professionals are experiencing burnout due to   being overwhelmed by many demands, too few resources, and too little recovery time.   We are so dedicated to the work and the people we serve, that we begin to neglect   ourselves. Intentional self-care is the first step to creating a balanced life. In this 1-hour   workshop, we will be cover three topics:

    1. Why we need bothSelf-care vs. self-compassion
    2. The formation of your personality & behaviors - What is fixed vs. malleable
    3. Navigating through life, with a little more ease-tools to find your purpose

    Event Speaker

    Dana Hariton McQuade has rich experience of corporate learning and development roles where she has helped educate and empower employees at all levels. Dana has helped Fortune 500 companies to recruit, develop and retain high-potential talent with an emphasis on different cultures and generations.

    She has designed and delivered experiential learning programs for all aspects of the employee lifecycle: onboarding, professional and leadership development, mentoring and mobility.

    Her passion is “bringing learning to life” and her mantra is “tell me what you can do, not what you can’t”.

    As a facilitator, she utilizes topics and diagnostic tools including: Emotional Intelligence, Team Building, Neuro-leadership, Manager As Coach, Social and Behavioral Assessments.

    As a leadership coach, she works with mid to senior-level executives to develop a “manager as coach” mindset and unleash the potential of all employees. She practices Quiet Leadership, which is based upon helping people to come up with their own solutions.

    As a disciple of yoga, Dana brings it all together to provide wellness in the workplace. She is always eager to share the “why” we do the things we do and helps people to connect the dots both personally and professionally.

    Currently, Dana splits her time between coaching and consulting with EPIC, teaching yoga and meditation and giving back to the community.

    Dana earned her BS Degree in Business Communications from Cornell University and her Master's Degree in Industrial Psychology from Baruch College, both in New York. She has also received life and executive coaching certifications from Results Coaching as well as yoga certification at the 500-hour level. She is active in the community and volunteers with fundraising for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation as well as serving on the volunteer committee for A Place At The Table in downtown Raleigh.

    This event falls under the YNPN Competency Personal Management! Click here to learn more about our competency model. 

    Thursday, June 18, 2020 at 10:30 AM · 2 rsvps
    Zoom Meetings


    Join Young Nonprofit Professionals Network of the Triangle with special guest Deron Tse to workshop technical ideas and issues! We hope you leave with clarity on questions you’re facing, perspective on ideas you’re brainstorming, and connections to your fellow YNPN Triangle NC members.  

    Deron will workshop ideas gleaned from previous member feedback and live questions. Email programs@ynpntrianglenc.com  with specific topics and themes you want us to cover during the event!  

    About the speaker

    Deron Tse is an IT Systems Consultant with a specialty in Salesforce. He works primarily with small businesses performing professional services that include developing a technology strategy to improving technology integration. He holds a Certificate in Sustainable Community Development from Colorado State and previously worked at the North Carolina Center for Nonprofits as Technology Coordinator.


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