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YNPN 2020 Vision

February 6, 2020The mission of YNPN Triangle NC is to cultivate and support young nonprofit professionals in the Triangle by fostering networking, skill-building, and resource-sharing. To honor our mission and our values, we've broken up the year into three core pieces:

1. Resource Roundtables: The 2020 Resource Roundtables are structured networking events grounded in YNPN  Triangle NC's competency model. During these events, individuals from across the sector will come together to share  essential skills and resources around four main pillars: 

  • Effective communication
  • Personal management
  • Leadership development
  • Technical skills

2. Networking Opportunities: Through casual networking, we will host three major networking events centered on networking within YNPN Triangle and growing and building the YNPN network!

  • February 2020What is the Vision of YNPN for 2020? During this event, participants learned what we had in store for 2020, met board and committee members, and learned about other ways they can get involved with the network 
  • August 2020 - Individuals will meet current board and committee members to learn about upcoming available positions
    • Meet the current board and committee members
    • Interview or apply for current positions 
    • On the spot interviews 
  • December 2020End of the year celebration. We will bring together the entire network to celebrate and look ahead into 2021!

3. Skill Building Workshops: Our core competencies are always at the heart of all YNPN Triangle NC professional development events and we want you to grow with us! Please keep our core competencies in mind while attending YNPN Triangle NC events as effective communication, personal management, leadership development, and technical skills are needed to make the nonprofit sector a success. 

Resource Roundtable: Technical Assistance

February 26, 2020 - Technical Assistance is the basic understanding of the structure, strategies, and best practices that contribute to healthy nonprofit organizations. During this event, we enjoyed coffee with a light breakfast and gained helpful tips and tools regarding technical skills. 

This event falls under the YNPN Competency: Technical Skills!  

Resilient at Work: Navigating a Complex and Uncertain Future with Strength

March 6, 2020 - What’s needed to successfully navigate today’s VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) world of work? While we often consider resilience necessary for bouncing back from failure, it’s also a key muscle that we can strengthen to help us handle everyday challenges and cultivate greater well-being. In this session, we covered three strategies you can implement to foster greater resilience at work, helping to strengthen both you and your organization in a complex and uncertain future

Event Speaker- Katherine Nobles

Katherine Nobles is an established career & leadership coach and facilitator who helps emerging leaders courageously step into their potential. She works with driven individuals to help them cultivate their careers and with organizations to empower their leaders. Katherine is a former career coach and lecturer at Stanford University and The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She is also a certified coach with a background in learning and development. Katherine has a BA from Virginia Tech and M.Ed. from The College of William & Mary. 

Check out her website -

Download the Materials from the workshop"

This event falls under the YNPN Competency: Personal Management!  

Virtual Happy Hour 

April 30, 2020 - This event was a time to come together to connect with our nonprofit peers from afar! Participants had the opportunity to win gift cards, play bingo, and take part in the virtual scavenger hunt! 

This event falls under the YNPN Competency: Effective Communication!  

2020 Financial Literacy Series: 

Part I: A Sustainable Economic Future - May 21, 2020 

During this session, we hope you learned useful tips on how to better manage your personal finances and securing a sustainable economic future! You can find the recording of the session by clicking here.

Event Speaker - Brently Wright 

Six years ago, there seemed to be no hope for a good promising career path. Stressed to maximum capacity and working in an industry totally opposite to his talents, Brentley was sent to an industry that gave him a new meaning of life. That industry is the insurance and financial services industry. This career move became a game-changer. Growing up in a single-parent home with three siblings was very tough for his family. Witnessing his mother work extremely hard to keep the family sustained, Brentley felt the pressures and stresses of his mother. It is one of the inheritances of being the firstborn. In Brentley’s words: “You feel everything in a single-parent home being the oldest.”

Now, with a family of his own, Brentley is determined to help families and business executives establish financial sustainability. Our mission is to change the perspective of the financial industry to everyday hardworking business executives while offering world-class access to the best insurance and fixed financial products the industry has to offer. Our top priority is making sure we deliver the “Brentley Promise,” which is to place our clients in a position of strength to prevent personal and/or business asset liquidation.

In addition to operating the business, Brentley was granted the opportunity to work with the Advisory Council Member for North Carolina Financial Literacy Council. Currently serving as the Economic Advisor for Accelerating Men Mentoring, Inc. Independent of his work, Brentley loves being the husband of Kellie Wright and the father of two children.

Interested in learning more?

Company site: 

Facebook page: Brentley Financial 

This event falls under the YNPN Competency: Technical Skills!  

2020 Self-Care Series:

Part I: Going “underneath the hood” to understand ourselves better and navigate with ease - June 9, 2020

During this event, we took the first steps into learning who we are, why we're here, and what's our power and purpose. We appreciate you all for being open, honest, and vulnerable with us. It was a pleasure learning and growing with you all! To ensure we create an open and safe space, we did not record this session. However, please check out this list of self-care resources to assist you in your self-care journey.

Part II: Virtual Yoga - June 21, 2020

During this virtual yoga session, Dana McQuade walked participants through how to live a more balanced life through exercises and mindful activities. You can find the recording of the session by clicking here.

Download the Materials from the workshop:

Event Speaker - Dana Harton Mcquade

Dana has rich experience in corporate learning and development roles where she has helped educate and empower employees at all levels. Dana has helped Fortune 500 companies to recruit, develop, and retain high-potential talent with an emphasis on different cultures and generations.

Her passion is “bringing learning to life” and her mantra is “tell me what you can do, not what you can’t”.

As a facilitator, she utilizes topics and diagnostic tools including Emotional Intelligence, Team Building, Neuro-leadership, Manager As Coach, Social and Behavioral Assessments.

As a leadership coach, she works with mid to senior-level executives to develop a “manager as coach” mindset and unleash the potential of all employees. She practices Quiet Leadership, which is based upon helping people to come up with their own solutions.

As a disciple of yoga, Dana brings it all together to provide wellness in the workplace. She is always eager to share the “why” we do the things we do and helps people to connect the dots both personally and professionally.

Currently, Dana splits her time between coaching and consulting with EPIC, teaching yoga and meditation, and giving back to the community.

Interested in learning more? Email me!

This event falls under the YNPN Competency: Personal Management!  

Tech Thursday:

June 18, 2020 

During this workshop, Deron shared useful tools and resources participants can use in this new digital age! Click here to access the meeting recording. 

Event Speaker - Deron Tse

Deron Tse is an IT Systems Consultant with a specialty in Salesforce. He works primarily with small businesses performing professional services that include developing a technology strategy for improving technology integration. He holds a Certificate in Sustainable Community Development from Colorado State and previously worked at the North Carolina Center for Nonprofits as Technology Coordinator.

Interested in learning more? Email Me! 

This event falls under the YNPN Competency: Technical Skills!


Resource Roundtable: Personal Management

July 30, 2020 

As a Nonprofit professional, it's important for us to learn how to be well-rounded individuals. During this event, attendees shared their expertise on time management, work-life balance, personal branding, resiliency, accountability, and more! Click here to see the recording of the session and click here to access the session resources

This event falls under the YNPN Competency: Personal Management!

Board Recruitment Networking Event 

August 17, 2020 

More information coming soon.....


Resource Roundtable: Leadership Development 

September 17, 2020 

This event aimed to provide attendees with a safe space to engage with other young nonprofit professionals by sharing their own experiences on how to grow in leadership. During this event, we explored, decision making, delegating, supervising, conducting a meeting, supporting others, and respect. The open forum style allowed everyone to authentically share their strengths and vulnerably talk through the challenges we face as emerging leaders.

For those who couldn't join us, we invite you to check out the recording and compiled resources from the event and hope to see you next time!

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