A listserv full of job postings, community events, and volunteer opportunities? You got it, Triangle nonprofiteers. Keep plugged into what is happening in the Triangle nonprofit community by signing up for our listserv.

YNPN Triangle NC listserv administrators would like to remind you of the listserv rules of engagement. The rules are simply meant to help you, the reader, participate in the listserv in a manner that is effective for you- and to keep crazy spammers from attacking our awesome group!

Gmail Users- Don’t forget to move us to your PRIORITY box to make sure you stay up to date on YNPN Triangle NC events and professional development!

General Information

  • To email the entire group: use [email protected] 
  • To reply to a person: use reply
  • Getting too many emails in a day? Consider changing your emails to digest mode, using the RSS feature, or simply creating a folder and rule for your YNPN communication. Think before you drop, as you will be unsubscribing from all event and professional development notifications as well!

Change Your Settings to Digest

  • Go to
  • If you have an account, sign in on the top right. If not, create a new login. You can also reset your password if you have forgotten it.
  • Locate "manage subscriptions" on the left side column and click "ynpn triangle NC" which should be in the same box.
  • Click "subscriber options" on the left side menu.
  • Click "reception mode" and change your settings from "normal" to "digest."
  • Be sure to click "update" for these changes to take place!

Rules to Consider

The YNPN Triangle NC listserv is designed to encourage discussion, sharing of referrals, resources, events, and important information from YNPN Triangle NC leadership, committees and membership.

You may reply to the poster by using reply or reply all. You will need to add the [email protected] address to your email in order to address the entire group. Please limit your replies to the whole group to limit the mass emails for those not on digest settings.

In order to preserve the integrity and effectiveness of the listserv, we ask that you please limit posts on the same topic to one time. In other words, please only send a particular job opportunity or event promotion once to the listserv. We reserve the right to reject multiple postings of the same topic or opportunity.

Permitted Topics

The goal of the listserv is to promote communication among members of YNPN Triangle NC about the following topics:

  • Seeking general advice from other members about a variety of topics, areas, and issues that pertain to non-profits
  • Resume or job finding advice or assistance
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Job opportunities (In an effort to support equity, as of January 1, 2023, we now require any job posting to share the salary information)
  • Internship opportunities (any user who wishes to send out an unpaid internship over the listserv must include the words “unpaid” in both the subject line and body of the email, in order to make clear that it is an unpaid opportunity)
  • Research, publications, and other issues pertinent to nonprofits
  • Inquiries for information or resources relevant to nonprofit professionals and those they serve
  • Community-based events (rallies, marches, speakers) relevant to listserv subscribers
  • YNPN Triangle NC Meeting events, notices or announcements

Prohibited Topics

  • Slander or Disrespect towards an organization or individual
  • Monthly posting of organization newsletter, e-news or any item that is generally subscription-based (Please pull out relevant information only, and send to list. If you have a volunteer opportunity or job, please simply send that opportunity, not the whole newsletter. The goal is to limit the overuse of the listserv!)
  • Direct solicitations, a commercial activity that is not 501(c)3 compliant, direct fundraising appeals not related to an event
  • Solicitations from political organization, political campaigns, or election-related activities that jeopardize the organization's 501(c)3 tax designation

YNPN Triangle NC is a nonpartisan, non-affiliated organization. You may, at times, receive information you do not agree with professionally or personally. Please simply delete the email and move forward. Abusive language or disrespect will not be tolerated.

YNPN Triangle NC reserves the right to moderate all listserv communications.

Thank you for being a member of YNPN Triangle NC and we look forward to seeing you soon!