Addressing Systemic Racism

YNPN Triangle NC is committed to taking care of the Triangle’s nonprofit professionals. Our focus is on people: We aim to build up, equip, and empower emerging leaders in the Triangle.

We cannot do so without first recognizing that not all of our members and the people we serve maintain equitable spaces in their organizations, communities, and in the world.

Our hearts are heavy as we recognize the structural racism that affects all of us. YNPN Triangle NC condemns the murders of black men and women throughout the country and the long-standing policies and practices that perpetuate racism.

YNPN Triangle NC has long recognized the importance of equity and resilience, especially regarding the nonprofit sector, but we must continue to be diligent in understanding the impacts of racism in our society. We must continue to  transform ourselves, our organizations, our community, and our world through thoughtful, deliberate, actions. We must all do better!

We acknowledge and support all who are affected by generations of injustice. We are committed to educating ourselves on how to do better; understanding structural racism and our own personal implicit and explicit biases; and adjusting not only our way of thinking, but our way of doing.  

On behalf of YNPN Triangle NC, we commit to supporting a diverse nonprofit sector by maintaining practices rooted in equity, advocating for racial justice and speaking out against racism, providing quality, equitable content for our members, and starting courageous conversations.

We offer our words, our hearts, our tears, our weariness, our power, our strength, and our promise and actions to do better.  

Through Facebook and LinkedIn, we will share resources that inspire our work to overcome strongly rooted systems of oppression and structural racism. Please join us in exploring these resources as we strive for love, unity and connection, and move towards a brighter future for all. 

In Solidarity, 

YNPN Triangle NC Board of Directors

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