We Care About Our Members

YNPN Triangle is committed to taking care of the Triangle’s nonprofit professionals. While things are challenging, and definitely more overwhelming, it has not changed our dedication towards creating and building a strong network of young nonprofit professionals. 

The COVID-19 Pandemic has had a huge impact on the Triangle and those that nonprofits serve. Impacts are felt profoundly, especially in regard to food shortages, unemployment, our school systems, and on vulnerable at-risk populations, and the overall outcome will take time for our community to overcome. 

While the effects of COVID-19 are profound for those you serve, we know that many of you are facing your own struggles.  Many of you are working longer hours to assist with the pandemic. Employees are putting their own health at risk to be the essential support for others. Yet still, many are facing unemployment or a loss of wages. Throughout all this, your hearts and minds are continuing to fight against the effects of COVID-19.  You live and breath nonprofits and YNPN Triangle aims to assist you in doing so. 

While YNPN Triangle has transformed over the last few weeks in terms of networking, skill-building, and resource-sharing, we are committed to supporting nonprofit professionals across the Triangle. We are working to provide engaging opportunities for each of you, and hope that our efforts can provide a sense of normalcy throughout this challenging time. 

We will continue to take note of the needs of the Triangle’s nonprofit community, and will continue sharing resources; supporting each of you as you continue the hard work of taking care of others and improving the nonprofit sector. The Triangle would not be the same without each of you and the efforts you put into the community. 

Thank you for putting the very best of yourselves into the Triangle. 

Learn more about YNPN Triangle and how we’re connecting with nonprofit professionals on our website and on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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