General Director

Below is a description of the responsibilities of a General Director on the board of directors for YNPN Triangle NC. Applications to join the board are now open. Learn more and apply here

Responsible To
Board of Directors

General Directors support YNPN Triangle NC’s members, strategic plan, mission, and vision by contributing to board and organizational initiatives, serving on at least one committee, and building community awareness of and involvement with YNPN Triangle NC. Other responsibilities include:

  • Serving as community ambassadors for the membership, mission, and vision of YNPN Triangle NC in the greater triangle community.
  • Working with committee members to create goals, action plans, and tasks that align to overall organizational strategic goals and priorities.
  • Contributing professional and personal skills to board and committee programs.
  • Supporting YNPN Triangle NC through the annual give or get board fundraising campaign.
  • Providing feedback and evaluation to fellow committee members and board directors.


  • Motivated self-starter
  • General knowledge of the nonprofit sector
  • Motivation to develop and grow as a leader and cultivate new skills (something like that)
  • Ability to collaborate effectively with others. 
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Time management
  • Ability to work independently

Time Commitment

10 - 15 hours each month for one year, including:

  • Attend one board meeting per month (90 minutes)
  • Attend one committee meeting per month (2 hours)
  • Attend YNPN Triangle NC events when able (2 hours)
  • Work on action plans/projects related to board and committee goals (4 hours)
  • Respond to email/other communications
  • Allowing for additional meetings as necessary (i.e. annual board retreat, strategic planning sessions, etc.)


Self and committee chairs, annually