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    Board Give or Get - 2017 Campaign

    $1,935.00 raised
    GOAL: $3,000.00

    We know that emerging leaders in the nonprofit sector are helping to transform our communities and our world each day. The YNPN Triangle NC Board is committed to ensuring these dedicated professionals have access to the knowledge and skills needed to take on additional responsibilities, gain confidence, and step into bigger and bolder opportunities. For us, this means creating accessible professional development workshops and resources rooted in our competency model to ensure our members have a broad skill set to tackle the next challenge.

    We have an ambitious goal of raising $3,000 over the next two months. We, as a board, recognize the importance of walking our own walk. That is why we hold ourselves accountable for 100% participation in financially supporting YNPN Triangle NC. Today, we invite you to join us in making an investment -- an investment in people; an investment in equity; and an investment in building a more powerful and diverse social sector.


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    Support YNPN Triangle NC

    The work of young, nonprofit professionals is never-ending. There is a continual need for more skill-development, bigger networks, and deeper levels of engagement. Here at YNPN Triangle NC, we are dedicated to meeting those needs for all in the Triangle community. Your support goes directly toward those efforts. Consider making an investment in supporting emerging leaders who are working toward a more just, equitable Triangle community today!


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    Breakout Sessions 2019

    YNPN Triangle NC is excited to offer 17 informative and fun breakout sessions for the fifth annual #nonprofitSTRONG Summit. Thank you to all our presenters and facilitators. We look forward to learning from you soon!

    The full conference schedule will be posted in the coming weeks. In the meantime, check out these topics and take note of your favorites. 

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    Title: “Financial Statements 101”

    Presenter: Amanda Sosebee

    Description: In this interactive workshop, learn the basics of how to read financial statements and which numbers are most important to you. But like, it's not THAT interactive. I won't make you talk in front of everyone or anything like that. Numbers are hard, but public speaking is harder. Am I right?

    Skill Level: Entry Level

    Competency Area: Technical Skills


    Title: “Letting Go of Cajoling, Pleading, and Browbeating: Strategies to Get Your Board to Deliver”

    Presenter: Teri Beckman

    Description: The capacity and engagement of your board determines your organization’s success, second only to your own leadership abilities. Join us to explore building board capacity and engagement. Leverage these efforts to attract the funding and resources needed to grow your organization. Discover the conditions you can create where board members naturally want to give their time and treasure – over and over.

    • Explore: The real basis for successful board engagement.
    • A new thought paradigm and practices that ensures better relationships and outcomes with board members.
    • Structures for board meetings that increase engagement and structures that dampen it.
    • Specific strategies to improve your relationships with board members that result in increased engagement and revenue generation.

    Skill Level: Executive

    Competency Area: Leadership Development, Technical Skills


    Title: “Training Staff to Lead Volunteers”

    Presenter: Mike Sweeney

    Description: At the completion of this session the participants will be able to:

    • Describe the importance of effective volunteer leadership
    • Develop and communicate clear expectations
    • Use volunteer leadership best practices
    • Work with “Problem” volunteers
    • Provide meaningful volunteer recognition

    Skill Level: All Levels

    Competency Area: Leadership Development

    Clarie_Veazey.jpg  Emily_Holder.jpg

    Title: “Herding Cats: How to Help Volunteers Help You”

    Presenter: Claire Veazey, MPH & Emily Holder

    Description: We all know that volunteers are essential to many nonprofits. We also know that just like with employees, volunteers need to be managed professionally. Although they participate freely and out of their own time, best practice tells us that we should recruit, delegate, evaluate and show appreciation like we would with any employee. But let’s be real - it’s hard work! Volunteer management exists at the intersection of operations and development, which can make this important role tricky and sometimes downright frustrating. Join us for a session focused on sharing among peers and problem-solving some of the hairiest, feistiest, claws-out problems we’ve all faced in our efforts to effectively manage volunteers. *everyone is welcome, not just formal volunteer managers!

    Skill Level: All Levels

    Competency Area: Leadership Development, Effective Communication 


    Title: “Tap Into Deeper Health”

    Presenter: Amanda Chay

    Description: The need for empowered leaders to advocate wellness for employees has never been more important. This session will explore areas that directly impact wellness and provide tangible steps for daily practice. Attendees will gain insight and understand strategies to deal with wellness challenges for personal growth.

    Skill Levels: All Levels

    Competency Area: Personal Management


    Title: “Maximizing Impact: Are you Board Ready? Is the Board Ready for You?”

    Presenter: Tracey Greene-Washington & Patti Gillenwater

    Description: Maximizing Impact: These two experienced board leaders share their experiences and lessons learned in this practical, real-world, interactive session that is a must attend for anyone who aspires to joining a nonprofit board. From how to be prepared, how to select the right board, and what to expect when you do join a board, you will leave informed and with a game plan you can put into action right away!

    Skill Level: Mid-Career

    Competency Area: Leadership Development, Technical Skills

    Title: “Legal Aspects of Nonprofits: The Basics and an Update on Recent Developments:

    Presenter: Peter Mattocks

    Description: What is a nonprofit and what can it and can't it do?  The answer to this question in a legal sense is not always easy for nonprofit professionals to answer.  This presentation will provide the basics of what it means legally to be a nonprofit.  It will also provide a practical perspective on fundraising and other issues, given tax law changes that came into effect in 2018.  Participants should leave with a basic understanding of the legal structure of nonprofits and with practical knowledge to use in fundraising and compliance.

    Skill Level: All Levels

    Competency Area: Technical Skills


    Title: “Nonprofit Leadership: Creating a Diverse & Inclusive Culture”

    Presenter: Antoinetta McKay, MPA

    Description: This workshop led by Antoinetta McKay of I Follow the Leader LLC will focus on tools and strategies for leaders to utilize to help advance diversity and inclusion in the nonprofit sector. Antoinetta will discuss the current diversity landscape and strategies and solutions that individuals, organizations, and boards can employ to help overcome disparities in leadership/workplace diversity. Participants will have the opportunity to reflect on their definitions of diversity and leadership and engage in small group discussions related to the topic. Most importantly, participants will walk away with tangible action steps they can immediately employ in their community, workplace, and/or board room.

    Skill Level: All Levels

    Competency Area: Personal Management

    Title: "The Ultimate Guide to Nonprofit Fundraising Events”

    Presenter: Pashara Black

    Description: Join Pashara Black, lead event planner for the Greater Durham Chamber of Commerce as she walks you through the steps to produce and execute a stellar nonprofit fundraising event. Having produced over 150 events in her career, she'll share insider tips and best practices to take your organization's events to the next level. 

    Skill Level: Entry Level

    Competency Area: Technical Skills

    Title: “Supporting Staff through Grief and Loss”

    Presenter: Kristen Howe & Scott Bass

    Description: Sooner or later, all of us – young and old – experience loss. Loss is a fact of life that often doesn’t wait until “the right time” to strike. While loss comes in various forms, the death of a family member, co-worker, friend or other significant person is widely considered the most impactful form of loss. Grief is the way we adjust to loss. Loss and grief impact both the personal and professional lives of persons who work in nonprofit settings. This workshop aims to help supervisors and co-workers better understand grief and loss and know how to support the grief process so that each person’s personal well-being, as well as professional performance, are more likely to come out of the grief process stronger. Presenters have decades of experience in working with grief and loss, including sudden, traumatic loss, as well as decades of experience in nonprofit work settings.

    Skill Level: All Levels

    Competency Area: Personal Management


    Title: “Chronicles of serial volunteer! Episode:1-Volunteer Engagement”

    Presenter: Arlene Brown & Jennifer McLean, MPH

    Description: Take a journey with several volunteer engagement leaders as they define who and what a volunteer is and share their successes, short comings and all lessons along the way working with and engaging said volunteers. Attendees will hear both practical and innovative ways on how to customize volunteer experiences based on the interests and skill sets of volunteers all while meeting to the needs of our organizations. You'll also hear a few testimonial nuggets from me as serial volunteer!- I was made for this! The thought is, we will continue the conversation long after the Summit through possible YNPN programming events. The saga continues…

    Skill Level: Mid-Career

    Competency Area: Leadership Development, Effective Communication

    Heather_Yandow.jpg  Kristin_Bradley-Bull.jpg

    Title: “So You Want to Be a Consultant? Tools, Tips, and Next Steps to Make It Happen”

    Presenters: Heather Yandow and Kristin Bradley-Bull

    Description: Whether you are just starting to think about consulting, or have taken on your first few clients, come and assess your progress along the journey. Explore various consulting configurations and map out your next steps. Two experienced nonprofit consultants with a shared interest in building a consulting community that's more reflective of the increasingly diverse Triangle community, will share what they've learned and offer guidance and best practices.

    Skill Level: Mid-Career

    Competency Area: Personal Management

    Laurel_Shulman.jpg     Ebony_West.jpg

    Title: “Grant-Seeking 101: Shopping for the Ingredients of Your Annual Budget Pie”

    Presenters: Laurel Shulman, Sarah Battersby, Julia DaSilva, Gladys Hairston, Treat Harvey, Ebony West

    Description: Before making a pie, you need to acquire ingredients and know where to find them. In a similar way, when you’re funding an organization, you need to know what you’re trying fund and where you can source the funding to build your budget pie. This session demystifies the general types of grantmaking organizations – what they are, how you access them, and what are the rules of engagement. After a brief presentation, attendees will have time for roundtable discussions for a deeper dive with representatives from a variety of funders. And there will be pie (for the first 20 attendees)!

    Skill Level: Entry Level

    Competency Area: Technical Skills


    Title: “Google Ads: What You’re Doing Wrong”

    Presenters: Katie Fulton

    Description: For years, most people have taken a “set it and forget it” approach to their Google Ads. But if you’re a nonprofit receiving a Google Grant, that’s no longer an option. If you’re not paying attention, Google will deactivate your account for not hitting certain benchmarks. Never fear. There are only a few things you need to do to keep things running smoothly. In this session we’ll cover: Setting up your Campaigns for success, specificity is the key How to stay compliant each month, in 15 minutes or less Focus on goals, attract folks who care about your work.

    Skill Level: Mid-Career

    Competency Area: Technical Skills


    Title: “The Power of Professional Coaching and Mentoring: Getting Unstuck and Moving Life Forward”

    Presenters: Dr. Janelle Ellis-Holloway

    Description: Quite often we feel like our personal and professional experiences place us in a constant state of conundrum – presenting us with more questions than we have answers. Whether not feeling challenged in our workplace, needing solutions to personal challenges, struggling with goal-setting or misplacing our resilience and perseverance – life is about transitions, challenges and changes…. and sometimes we get stuck.  Coaching and mentoring are powerful developmental relationships that can propel us along our journey by helping advance us beyond the survive and thrive mode of thinking and doing, to the ultimate experience of human flourishing. This presentation focuses on how professional coaching, using a positive psychology approach, and the art of mentoring can help you develop a growth-mindset to improve your well-being, resilience, mission and vision, and establish goals for a more focused direction.  Participants will leave with an understanding of the major guiding principles of highly effective, positive psychology coaching, and tips/strategies to establish your mentor circle.

    Skill Level: All levels

    Competency Area: Personal Management

    Casey_Therrien.png Maggie_Woods.jpg

    Title: “Leveraging Your Service Experience”

    Presenters: Casey Therrien & Maggie Woods

    Description: Join us for an engaging presentation that will reach you how to leverage your AmeriCorps experience to impress recruiters and launch your career.

    Skill Level: Entry Level

    Competency Area: Effective Communication, Personal Management

    Title: “Strategic Planning for Nonprofit Organizations - Sharpening Your Competitive Edge”

    Presenters: DeWarren K. Langley, JD, MPA

    Description: Strategic Planning directs nonprofit organizations to achieve two essential outcomes for organizational sustainability and success: (1) focused decision making regarding purpose and strategy and (2) commitment to those decisions. Strategic planning focuses on establishing organizational direction, setting priorities and identifying obstacles and opportunities that may limit or enhance the organization's ability to achieve the mission and vision. By following a structured and driven process, organizations are able to build alignment and commitment to guide the acquisition and allocation of resources linked to annual workplace and annual budget to guide the strategy implementation to accomplish the mission and deliver value. 

    Skill Level: Mid-Career

    Competency Area: Leadership Development


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    Invest in emerging leaders with me!

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    Please join me in supporting an amazing organization that in turn supports young nonprofit professionals like me!



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